Evidence-based, trauma-informed workshops and consultation. 






Families of transgender and nonbinary adolescents often wonder how they can best help their adolescent on their gender journey. These group workshops help families to affirm their child and discover necessary supports.



Determining difficulties within a couples relationship can be tough. There are individual wants and needs, pressures of jobs, and family concerns.


Couples consultations provide an opportunity to receive an outside perspective on your relationship, helping you to identify areas of distress and pathways for change. 



Many individuals are impacted by trauma in their lives. Trauma can result in difficulty in relationships, or overwhelming posttraumatic stress symptoms.


These workshops aim to provide skills for improving your lived experience, psychoeducation about trauma and its effects, and a space for finding support from others who have been impacted by trauma in their lives. 


Tailored Presentations

Scientific research, intersectional practice, and a trauma-informed lens merge in informative presentations. Each presentation is carefully created to match organizational needs.

Past presentation topics include:

Clinical work with transgender and nonbinary individuals and their families: A workshop for psychologists and other mental health professionals.

Addressing Barriers for the HIV+ Transgender Population.

Working with Families of People Living with HIV or AIDS.

Intersectionality and privilege in therapy practice.

Inclusion in the workplace.

Intersectionally-informed, gender-affirming consultation services. 


Support of transgender and nonbinary individuals is not only essential, it can be life saving. People often wonder how they can best support an individual on their gender journey. These consultations help investigate current environments, as well as assisting in the creation of affirming and gender-validating settings. 


For families and individuals


For businesses and schools