About Rachel

Are you wondering how to best support your transgender or nonbinary adolescent? Looking for ways to overcome or better cope with trauma symptoms? Curious if your relationships can be improved?

My specializations include gender, trauma, and relationships. I provide therapy for people ages 12 and up. I provide gender-affirming support for transgender and nonbinary adolescents and their families, trauma care for individuals who have experienced trauma, and therapy for couples and families facing difficulties in their relationships. I also offer groups.

All of these areas are approached with a values-focused, intersectional lens. I deeply believe that identities are a critical part of therapy. Everything you need to enact the change you wish to see can be found within you.

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I am a licensed clinical psychologist, public speaker, therapist, and researcher. I provide LGBTQ+ affirming, intersectionally-informed and trauma-informed therapy.

My research focuses on sexuality, and gender identity.

I hold a Ph.D. in Child Clinical Psychology, as well as Bachelors degrees in Psychology and Romance Languages.

Therapy can be conducted in English, Spanish, and French.